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BigDoor Full Graphic (open to you) (white).png
BigDoor Full Graphic (open to you) (white).png

We get a lot of people asking what the BigDoor is doing in Walkerton.

This is a fair question!

People see that it is owned by a church and there is some confusion and even some concern about the services we offer the community. With that in mind, I've written this candid and transparent note to hopefully answer questions. When we met with some staff members from Brockton municipality two years ago, we told them we were a new church committed to being helpful members of this town. We wanted to get some space downtown to provide accessible services that filled a need. We promised there would be  "no strings attached" services, meaning, there wasn't a religious element people had to participate in to receive the services. Now, we are most certainly a church and we do believe that faith is vital, but we don't want people to have to fake it to receive basic necessities. So we provide two essential services that are non-religious. Our "Comfort Meals" which happen on Tuesday for those in need of a warm lunch, and the "326cafe" which is an after school drop in for High School students. Our religious programs are also open to anyone, we just want to make sure everyone knows what they are coming into. 

If you have any questions or concerns for us, drop by sometime and we would be happy to chat.

What's Going On?

  • Comfort Meals
    Comfort Meals
    Every Tuesday at noon
    Every Tuesday at noon
    Walkerton, 2 Durham St E, Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0, Canada
    Come by the BigDoor on Tuesdays around lunch time for a warm meal and a warm conversation :)

Where to find us:

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